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Our mission is to love God, love others and make disciples so that the world may be transformed.




Paula Koch desires to see people experience the joy of being in a personal relationship with Jesus. She believes that serving Jesus should be an adventure and that no two days should ever be the same. Sharing the Word of God is at the heart of what she does through preaching and serving. Paula has been able to share her love for Jesus here and abroad. She and her husband David share a love for music, travel and all things German. When she isn’t sharing in ministry she can be found at her sewing machine or in her kitchen. She and her husband share their home with their dog Zoey.


Administrative Assistant - Lelia Russell

Custodian - Bill Runyan

Organist - Miriam DeWitt


  1. We believe that God is present to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as seen experienced in both the Old and New Testament.

  2. We believe and profess the teachings of historical Christianity as contained in the creeds. (The Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed )                                                                      

  3. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us and is to be used to guide us in our daily life and decisions.

  4. We believe each of us was created by God in His image and each individual is important. We invite all to come and be a part of this adventure in following God no matter where you may be in your own faith journey.

  5. We believe that Jesus offers forgiveness for everyone. His sacrificial life, death, and resurrection is a gift from God that gives us freedom from our failures and allows us to be who God created us to be.

  6. We believe personal faith in Jesus is the means by which this relationship is created.

  7. We believe coming together to study and share the teachings of Christ is important; when we gather together as a group this helps us to grow deeper in our spiritual life.

  8. We believe that the celebration of Holy Communion is a significant way in which we experience the presence of Christ and his sacrifice for all. When we celebrate Holy Communion together we have the opportunity to reflect on our relationship with God and one another.

  9. We believe that baptism is an experience we participate in once as a means of initiation into the Christian community. The sacrament is a gift of God’s grace that is available to all, no matter how young or old. While no one needs to be re-baptized, we do offer opportunities to remember your baptism.



Methodism began in Millersburg in 1823 when Thomas Fairchild, a devout Methodist and early resident of the village, opened his home for the preaching services of Peter Stephens, a “circuit rider minister”, In 1832, a parcel of land was purchased on Washington St. for the price of $40.00 and the first church building was built. The 40 by 50 foot brick structure served the congregation until 1871.


Continued growth, the organization of a Sunday School in the 1860:s, and a gift of $1500, from the estate of John Cary, a leading member of the congregation led to the building of a new church. The old building was razed and a new, two-story, 75 by 40 foot brick structure was erected on the same site which was completed and dedicated in 1873.


In 1982, the congregation, now a United Methodist Church, moved from Washington St. and built a new structure one mile east of the village. The present structure was dedicated in 1984. An addition was built which has an all purpose room and classroom space.

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